Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is Your Current Governor/MP Cooked And Going Home On August 4th? Read Insider Info That You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

Perhaps it is a good idea for your governor/MP to start packing his bags early... kwasababu anaenda nyumbani for sure...
Who is vying for governor in your county? What are the under-hand/backroom deals and tactics being employed currently on the ground as we speak? How will the people vote?

I guarantee you that I have information and details you do not know about your county/constituency. And most of it will NEVER be published in newspapers. My name is Chris Kumekucha I do not know your age but I suspect I have been doing politics longer than you have been alive (very high probability of that). I launched my high traffic blog in May 2005.

Imagine you getting from me...

1) A very detailed special report analyzing your county of interest (or constituency) in great detail.

2) Very regular updates until election day (we have our people on the ground).

All you have to do is join the Kumekucha Club895intro where you will get numerous other benefits that I will tell you about in a minute.

To see examples of current articles and info on your county and whether or not your current governor/MP is "cooked" and going home... 

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Books by Chris Kumekucha
  1. Let The Blood Flow: Detailed inside story account of 2007/8 clashes. Names names and who did what.
  2. President's Lovers: How a passionate affair caused a still-unsolved murder in this high office in Kenya.
  3. Political Assassinations in Kenya: Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, J.M. Kariuki, Masinde Muliro etc. Names those responsible.
  4. Mystery Monday: Unlocking the 2013 Kenyan Presidential Polls Secrets
  5. Uhuruto Confidential; Insider secrets
  6. Chilling Westgate Secrets Revealed....based on the terror attack.
7.  Articles Kumekucha feared publishing... collection of very sensitive articles 
8.  Why Mutula was murdered.... the most high-tech political assassination in Kenyan and East African history. 
9. Dark Secrets of the Kenyan Presidency (has sold the highest number of copies. Now get it for FREE.)
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