Monday, February 13, 2017

How to become a member of Kumekucha's Club1999, time is NOT on your side

WHY should you join club1999? I answer that question in person in this video
Kumekucha's Club1999 is an exclusive place where Chris Kumekucha publishes VERY highly sensitive information that cannot possibly appear on a web page like this one. Subscribers receive the sizzling information in their email inbox.Over the years (12 solid years) I have been a champion at releasing information to the public for free on my blog. BUT it only got me into serious trouble and many times I censored this information myself, too terrified to expose. In club1999 I reveal ALL (I also do a bit of checking to keep out certain folks from the spying community from being members). Hope this helps you understand me better and why I am determined to minimize the number of club1999 members (very close to the number that will support this noble cause now, so please hurry to avoid getting very upset with me).
* Information to club members is in the form of regular articles and highly sensitive video news and features that you can easily view on your computer or smart phone. 

* Club members also receive regular election news updates as Kumekucha himself receives them from informants and sources all over the country built and nurtured from 12 solid years of controversial political blogging.

* Club members can get all the books published by Kumekucha in the past (15 of them) as well as new ones for FREE. In other words one fee covers everything.

* Club members also get personal dossiers analyzing the stiff campaign for governor in your county or race for MP, complete with updates until election results are announced. All you need to do is request for a specific area of interest via email.

Membership is about to hit the maximum number allowed for efficient service and delivery of content and so it is highly recommended that you join ASAP at your earliest possible convenience.

* To become a member of Kumekucha's club1999, all you need to do is Mpesa 1,999/- to my assistant Carol Peters on 0701 333112 or Paypal $19.99 to the email

Benefits include;
* Breaking News features
* All Kumekucha books and special reports, past, present and future.
* Election reports and updates as I receive them from my various sources countrywide. 
* News and special feature Videos

After you Mpesa, please do not forget to SMS me your email address (to the same number) and your county/constituency of interest so that I know where to send dossiers including videos you can watch on your phone/computer and all the other highly informative Kumekucha info that is usually way too sensitive to publish online.

Mpesa 1,999/- to my assistant Carol Peters on 0701 333112 or Paypal $19.99 to the email NOW.

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